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Domain & Hosting Services

Domain & Hosting

Xperia Technologies specializes in Domain & Hosting.
When you make a website and want other people to see it, you will need to publish it with a domain & hosting service.
A service provider offers shared hosting or dedicated hosting of a service or services to customers.
Domain & Hosting services are most often used for hosting Websites but can also be used for hosting files, images, games and similar content.
Domain and Hosting Services
A Domain host can have anywhere from one to several thousand computers that run Web hosting software, such as Apache, OS X Server, or Windows Server.

Most websites you see on the Web are accessed from a “shared host,” which is a single computer that can host several hundred Web sites. Larger websites often use a “dedicated host,” which is a single machine that hosts only one website.

Website hosting services work by storing your website files in high-powered web servers connected to a very fast network. When someone types in your web address (such as, the internet connects to the web server holding your website files and then transfers your website information back to the users computer.
From there they can surf and view the pages of your website.

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