Graphic Design

Whatever business you may be in, graphic design is simply a most indispensable tool. From essentials like company logos and corporate branding to marketing materials like brochures and flyers, good design is often the key that unlocks success. And at Xperia Technologies, we fully understand how to make graphic design work for businesses, especially local ones. Having been present in Singapore for more than four years, we know exactly what it takes to deliver effective design that gets the message across.

Logos / Corporate Branding

Your logo is the heart and soul of your corporate brand and image. It should be concise enough to provoke instant recognition, yet expressive enough to explain the nature of your business. Your logo is synonymous with your company, which is why a good logo is a always a good investment.

Brochures / Flyers

Brochures and flyers (also called pamphlets, leaflets sometimes) are forms of mass information dissemination. Low in cost but highly effective, they have long been the preferred means for businesses to promote themselves and their products. If they have worked for so many others, they could work for you too!


Vertically mounted posters enjoy the advantage of size – they easily catch the attention of passers-by simply because they are hard to miss. Posters were among the earliest forms of advertising known to us, and today, they can still do wonders for your business!


Package is a product's last line of defense when it finally goes onto the shelf. Effective packaging can win a potential customer's attention and strongly influence his/her purchase decision. Good package not only provide information about a product. It is also a powerful advertising media in itself, provoking the consumer to think, feel and eventually say Yes!


Stationery design includes but is not limited to name cards (business card)s, letterheads, envelopes and documents such as invoices and quotation forms. Professionally designed business stationery is a big plus when it comes to showing off the credibility of your business. It also helps to create and leave a lasting impression in the minds of clients and business associates.


Other than the above mentioned, we also provide ad-hoc design services as per your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information should you require our services.
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